About Carin Johnson

Carin Johnson is a passionate defender of parents’ rights and has practiced dependency and juvenile law for over 20 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Chico State University and is a graduate of Golden Gate University, School of Law, 1993.

In September 2010, Carin presented oral argument in the California First District Court of Appeal, involving a case where the dependency court denied her client reunification services. Carin fought hard for the mother, and won a rare REVERSAL, of the lower court’s ruling.

Another one of Carin’s cases made national headlines in 2003 with the infamous “spitball case” where an overzealous DA prosecuted an eighth grader for shooting spitballs in the hallway at school. Carin was featured on Greta Van Sustren, “On the Record” and the Bill O’Reilly show, “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Carin is a member of the Contra Costa County Bar Association, and has taught a class on juvenile dependency law. She has also presented with a panel of attorneys at the MCLE Spectacular regarding Juvenile Law and Criminal Law issues on sex abuse cases, was a presenting speaker in Cross Over issues in Domestic Violence Cases, and has attended numerous conferences, including the National Child Abuse Defense Conference.